Maxbond Panel Grip AdhesiveTM is a high strength, fast grab, neoprene rubber-based construction adhesive with exceptional wet grab strength

Maxbond Panel Grip Adhesive is uniquely formulated to be used in vertical and ovehead applications with no run or drip and exceptional instant grab to hold materials in place.


Key Benefits

* Exceptional wet-grab strength

* No run or drip of adhesive - even in overhead applications

* Suitable for a wide range of general purpose construction materials

* High bond strength

* Suitable for interior/exterior use

* Suitable for up to H3 LOSP treated timber

* Suitable for use with damp timber

  • Concrete
  • Plasterboard
  • Glass
  • Rubbers
  • Fibreglass
  • Lead
  • Steel
  • MDF
  • Ceramic
  • Galvanized Iron

Do not use Maxbond Panel Grip Adhesive in applications where the temperature will exceed 80°C

Not suitable for immersion

Can be used in exterior applications but must not be exposed to direct sunlight

In some applications bracing of the substrate for a short time will be required until Maxbond Panel Grip Adhesive has developed a strong bond.

Although Maxbond Panel Grip Adhesive can be used on damp timber that has been wiped dry with a cloth, it is not suitable for use underwater or in applications where water has pooled.

Not to be used on substrates where plasticizer migration may occur.