FullerTrade Stud Adhesive Green is a high performance stud adhesive

FullerTrade Stud Adhesive is a high performance stud adhesive specially formulated to exceed the requirements of AS2753 for bonding or plasterboard to zinc and zinc alloy coated metal internal framing conforming to AS 1397 (incl Zincalume and Truecore) as well as internal timber studs (including some treated timbers ie H2F- timbers treated with water based treaments applied with envelope method and H2 - LOSP)

  • Plasterboard
  • Timber
  • Metal

Not recommended for use with painted metal battens including Colorbond.

Not recommended for installation of plasterboard in patio or alfresco areas as these conditions require full mechanical fixing only.

Only suitable for H2F oil treated timber providing minimum 14 days airing to application and 1/3rd fixing to be used on ceiling.

Not recommended for timbers treated for external use (H3 level and above). Only recommended for treated timber that is dry.

When fixing plasterboard ensure the timber is dry to the touch. If there is evidence of grease or oiliness on the timber surface do not apply adhesive; use mechanical fasteners instead. 

Contact HB Fuller Technical Department before applying this product to any substrate not mentioned as suitable. 


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