Floorbond MC1 Floorbond MC1 is a 1-part, 1-coat,water-based moisture vapour controller.

Floorbond MC1 is a 1-part, 1-coat, water-based moisture vapour controller with fast drying and over-coating properties. It has been specially formulated to be applied to damp and new concreete witha moisture vapour emission rate of <0.12kg/m2 per 24 hours, or up to 100% relative humidity. Floorbond MC1has been formulated to be used with Floorbond XMS timber flooring adhesive.

  • Cement Sheet
  • Concrete

For internal use only

Do not dilute product

Floorbond MC1 is not a waterproofing or anti-fracture membrane

Not suitable for use in bridging expansion joints

Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or above 35°C

Do not use where hydrostatic pressure conditions exists