FulaSealPRO 730 High Performance Industrial Grade Silicone is a multipurpose, one component RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone used for industrial sealing and bonding.

FulaSealPRO 730™ Industrial Grade Silicone forms a tough rubber like film which out-performs standard grade silicones and is UV, vibration and temperature resistant.

Key Benefits

  • 100% industrial grade silicone
  • Industrial sealing and bonding
  • General purpose plant maintenance
  • Acetic cure
  • Permanently flexible: +/- 25% joint movement capabilities
  • Strong adhesion
  • High tensile strength
  • Rapid cure
  • Sag resistant
  • Suitable for indirect food contact use
  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Glass
  • Fibreglass

Not recommended for: copper, zinc, brass or galvanised metals, concrete and mortar, marble, continuous water immersion, structural glazing, fresh paint.