Loose Cornice

When a piece of cornice has come loose use H.B. Fuller Wall and Ceiling Adhesive to stick it back into place.

1 Firstly, in case the work involves standing on a ladder, ensure the job is tackled with safety foremost in mind.

2 When you’ve establish the area that the cornice is loose, use a scraper or firm brush to clean the area behind the loose piece.

3 Cut the seal on top of the cartridge of H.B. Fuller Wall and Ceiling Adhesive. Screw on nozzle, cut to approx. 5mm bead size, and insert into the cartridge gun.

4 Hold the cartridge gun at a 45°angle and start gunning the adhesive into the start of gap between the cornice and wall or ceiling, then push the gun forward while squeezing the trigger, pushing adhesive into the gap along the length of the loose cornice.

5 Once adhesive has been applied along the length of the loose cornice, press the cornice back into place against the wall or ceiling, and either tape or apply small nails to hold the cornice in place until the adhesive is set (best to allow 24 hours).

6 Then remove the tape or nails and sand, fill any imperfections with H.B. Fuller Filler - Small Crack & Holes, before painting over.

7 Job done!