Squeaking Floor

A squeaking stair tread can be an annoyance every time it’s walked on, and is likely to get worse if left unattended. In order to solve this problem use H.B. Fuller Heavy Duty Adhesive to stick the tread back into place.

1 Firstly inspect the tread where it comes into contact with the riser and ascertain where the tread is coming away from the riser. If the gap is not visible have someone put some weight on the tread and work out the squeak area from the sound.

2 Then check you will be able to gun adhesive from a cartridge / nozzle into that space. Also if the gap is big enough use a scraper or firm brush to clean the gap between the tread and riser.

3 Work out whether you will insert screws from the tread into the riser to secure the tread (in conjunction with H.B. Fuller Heavy Duty Adhesive), or whether you intend the adhesive to do the job on its own.

4 If you propose an ‘adhesive only’ solution you will need to either use weights to adequately hold down the tread while the glue dries, or find a way of clamping the tread down during that period.

5 Cut the seal on top of the cartridge of H.B. Fuller Heavy Duty Adhesive. Screw on nozzle and cut it if a bigger bead size is required, then insert the cartridge into the cartridge gun.

6 Hold the cartridge gun at the point where the tread has started coming loose from the riser, start gunning the adhesive into the gap, then push the gun forward while squeezing the trigger, pushing adhesive into the gap along the length of the loose tread.

7 Once adhesive has been applied along the length of the loose tread, install flat head screws to secure the riser to the tread, or apply weights / clamps as required to hold the tread in place.

8 Then if using weights or clamps best to allow 24 hours before they are removed - while if using screws, fill any imperfections with an appropriate wood filler, before painting over.

9 Job done!