FIRESOUND™ Original is a fire rated acoustic sealant.

FIRESOUND™ is formulated primarily to perform as a barrier to the incursion of fire through expansion joints and wall penetrations such as pipes or cables. FIRESOUND™ is also an effective acoustic sealant.

Key Benefits

  • Fire rating for gaps up to 50mm
  • Up to 4 hour fire rating (AS1530.4-2005)
  • Excellent acoustic properties (STC 65)
  • Good flexibility; +/- 20% joint movement capability
  • Paintable
  • Intumescent; expands when exposed to fire or extreme heat
Due to variations in fire rating results using different thicknesses and types of substrates consult fire test reports for specific tested FRL's.


Test Reports

Test Report 2x13mm Layer FR Plasterboard Wall Service Penetration EWFA 48763900.1

Test Report: 1x13mm Layer FR Plasterboard Wall Service Penetration & Control Joint EWFA 44715000.1

Test Report Fire-Resistance Service Penetrations in a Speedpanel Wall System (for joint assessments contact H.B Fuller Australia)

Appraisal Hollow Core Concrete Non Fire Side Wall Joints EWFA 28122-03

Appraisal Service Penetrations in Concrete Floors EWFA 27001-03

Appraisal Concrete or Masonry Wall Joints WFRA 21503-03a

Appraisal Concrete Floor Joints WFRA 45628.1a

Test Report: Aerated Concrete Wall Service Penetration & Control Joint WFRA 41257.2

Test Report: 2x13mm Layer FR Plasterboard Wall Service Penetration WFRA 41118.1

Test Report: 2x16mm Layer FR Plasterboard Wall Joints WFRA 40922

Test Report: Concrete Floor Joints WFRA 40869

Test Report: Concrete Block Wall Penetrations & Non Fire Side Joint WFRA 41003.1

  • Concrete
  • Aerated Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Masonry
  • Plasterboard
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Cable Coverings (PVC)

Due to variations in fire & acoustic rating results using different thickness & types of substrates advice should be sought concerning the suitability of Firesound™ in specific applications. For external use, Firesound™ sealant must be protected from rain or water, until such time as the sealant builds up a thick skin to avoid washout. Therefore do not apply sealant when rain exposure is likely, or before a thick skin can develop. This is typically 24 hours in summer (25 to 30°C), but will be significantly longer in winter, or times of high humidity. Not suitable for use in water retaining structures or where water pooling may occur. Do not apply on wet substrates.

Other available formats

  • 450gm Cartridge
  • 600mL Sausage
  • 10L Pail (Grey only)